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Large Plan– 180 Day Recharge Voucher


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The Large Plan 180 Day Recharge Voucher now comes with Unlimited Standard Calls to 18 Selected Countries, Unlimited Talk, Text & MMS in Australia, $10 call credit to other countries + 16GB data. 

Selected countries;India, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States..

        • Stay in touch with unlimited standard National Talk, Text and MMS
        • Unlimited standard calls to 18 selected countries
        • $10 international call credit every 30 days Check international rates
        • 16GB data in Australia every 30 days
        • Previously known as Mega Plan


Can I buy more than one of these SIM's?
You can stack up to 24 months of Lebara recharges. We recommend you buy this SIM pack plus up to three 180 day vouchers. Remember if you are on an existing Medium or Large plan, you can stack further but only up to 24 months maximum.

What about my existing plan?
If you are on Medium or Large Plan your current plan will still be active until its expiry.

What if I am on another plan?
Extra Small, Small & Extra Large Plans will be overwritten. If you need assistance with your account please call us on 126 122.

What happens Next?
Once you make your purchase, we will send you an email with your new recharge PIN/s. Recharge is the same as always, i.e. sending an SMS to 126 172, logging in to My Lebara, or by calling us on 126 123.


Unlimited Talk, Text and MMS + 16GB Data in Australia PLUS Unlimited Talk to 18 Selected Countries
Expiry Period 180 Days
Data included 16GB/ 30 days
Standard National Talk, Text & MMS Unlimited
Standard Fixed & Mobile Calls to 18 selected countries Unlimited
Standard International SMS to 60 selected countries Unlimited
International Credit (included)  $10 /30 days
13/1300 & 18/1800 calls  Unlimited
Voice mail Unlimited
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